Nuestro Colegio

The Granadino School provides students with door-to-door transportation service, in places where access is possible according to the size of the vehicle and where traffic conditions allow it, both in the morning and in the afternoon (and in the days of official departure from the garden). Our transportation service is provided taking into account the following geographical limits established to comply with the estimated times for each route, which is approximately one (1) hour and will depend on the distance and mobility factors that arise.

Juan Carlos Díaz
Coordinador de transporte

Emerson Claros
Asistente de Transporte

  • To the south from the College facilities to the Florida Residential Complexes and surrounding sectors.
  • To the North from the School facilities to the Battalion, Milan, Tejares, La Sultana
  • To the West , from the College facilities to Cristo Rey, Avenida del Centro, Campo Hermoso Residential Complex, Cyprus, La Francia, el Arenillo (to the Altamira Gated Complex).
  • To the East , from the College facilities, to the Cerros de la Alhambra sector and surrounding areas.
  • The rural route goes from the College facilities to the Manuela – San Bernardo del Viento sector (before the toll booth).

The transportation service is completely optional and will be provided, depending on the availability of vehicles and routes that the school has within its contract with transportation companies. The vehicles are driven by professionals and the routes are always accompanied by instructors or school staff, all of them equipped with cell phones for constant communication and thus be able to respond in case of any eventuality.

We currently have a route monitoring program that parents who take the service will be able to access.

The school has implemented training programs for drivers and route companions, supported by the Human Resources area and the corresponding ARL. Their training covers the following areas: health, customer service, first aid, rescue, handling of fire extinguishers, work socialization, mechanics, maintenance, etc.

We have a vehicle fleet provided by the transport companies with which we currently work, which is made up of minibuses and buses. Additionally, we have safety seats available for the youngest kindergarten students who use the transportation service.