Nuestro Colegio

According to Law 1620 of 2013 and the national system of school coexistence, educational establishments must carry out work of promotion, prevention, attention and monitoring of situations that affect school coexistence and the exercise of human, sexual and reproductive rights through of:

Promotion: promote the improvement of coexistence and the school climate in order to generate a favorable environment for the real and effective exercise of human, sexual and reproductive rights.

Prevention: intervene in a timely manner in behaviors that could affect the effective realization of human, sexual and reproductive rights in the school context.

Attention: promptly assist members of the educational community in situations that affect school coexistence and the exercise of human, sexual and reproductive rights.

Monitoring: monitoring and evaluation of the promotion, prevention and care strategies and actions developed by the actors and instances of the national school coexistence system.

Taking into account the effects and consequences that the pandemic and social isolation have left on the students, the counseling team has carried out several interventions to accompany and work on the situations that are affecting school coexistence at school and set out as its main objective to re -structure the school coexistence program and unite it with the institutional values ​​program, which received the name “CreSer”.

The general objective of the program is to prevent, detect and intervene in situations of bullying at school through intervention with students, teacher training and training for parents on the subject.

The main axis of the program is to reduce school bullying situations, improve the perception of the school climate and provide a safe environment for students and promote empathetic and assertive relationships between members of the entire community.

The CreSer program will be oriented and guided by experts on the topic of Bullying through the Aulas en Paz program of the Universidad de los Andes, aligned with the policy of developing citizen competencies of the Ministry of National Education which is committed to the construction of peace from the school context. Classrooms in Peace focuses on the development of eight socio-emotional competencies: Anger management, empathy, assertiveness, perspective taking, creative generation of alternatives, consideration of consequences, critical thinking and active listening.

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