Nuestro Colegio

It is a private, non-profit legal entity, which is established by the free and voluntary decision of the parents of the students enrolled in the school, with the mission of defending and protecting the good name of the School, promoting and strengthen the institutional philosophy and objectives among the parent community and support school programs and projects for the benefit of the entire educational community. It is made up of all parents who want to join voluntarily. Its functions are the following:

Support the implementation of the Institutional Educational Project (PEI) and the school improvement plan.

Foster the creation of an atmosphere of trust, tolerance, and respect among all members of the educational community, including students, educators, and parents.

Encourage parents to adopt a culture of coexistence, peaceful conflict resolution, and commitment to legality.

Promote parents’ ongoing education and training processes.

Assist families and students in taking the necessary actions to improve their learning outcomes.

Facilitate the resolution of individual and collective issues for minors and promote actions aimed at enhancing their comprehensive education in accordance with the provisions of Law 1098 of 2006 (Childhood and Adolescence Code).

Support all projects determined by the governing bodies of the Granadino School Association.

Execute, evaluate, and modify the Living in Values Program in coordination with Counselors and with the approval of the School Principal.

Coordinate the extracurricular extension activities program.

Beatriz Rodríguez Ramirez

Adriana Herrera Marín

Natalia Mejia Victoria

Francisco Javier Castellano

Paola Rodríguez Grisales

Oriana Marín Roncancio

Mónica Guiza Quijano