Nuestro Colegio

Our Facilities

Our facilities are located in La Florida – Villamaría, on an area of 11.8 hectares, where our students can enjoy a countryside environment.

The school has different facilities housing the sections for Nursery, Preschool, Primary, Middle, and High School, as well as new facilities that will be part of the School’s Expansion and Growth Plan.

Currently, we have 48 classrooms in operation, 3 art rooms, 2 music rooms, 1 theater room, 18 offices for various sections, 2 infirmaries, 2 auditoriums, 3 coliseums, 2 gyms, 1 dance hall, 1 library, 3 laboratories, 24 general bathrooms, and 30 bathrooms in classrooms and offices (120 sinks, 98 toilets, and 16 showers), 2 restaurants, 5 soccer fields, 3 basketball courts, 1 tennis court, 1 BMX track, 5 playground sections, and a variety of green areas. The Red House, one of our emblematic buildings, currently houses 14 administrative offices and 1 boardroom

Para ingresar a la Red de Negocios y al Directorio de Negocios debes escribir tu código de familia.

Si no has resgistrado tu cédula, debes escribir al correo prestrepo@granadino.local para que realice tu inscripción y puedas acceder a la red de negocios.