Nuestro Colegio
  • Involve the entire community through Granadino solidarity.
  • Promote a culture of solidarity, empathy and service among the entire Granadino community.

Granadino Solidario is an institutional program that seeks to involve the entire Granadaino community in carrying out community service activities framed in Social Responsibility, which allow strengthening institutional values ​​(Respect, Nobility, altruism, Responsibility, Integrity and Honesty) and promote solidarity.

All this, through different projects, among which In House (internal projects), exchanges with sister schools, Granadino Green and work with various foundations stand out.

The I RUN FOR YOU seeks to raise funds to support the different foundations and sister schools that we sponsor. The great success that the race has had over the years has shown us that by uniting our efforts as a community, we can really make a difference for many!


Information about the I Run For You race

  1. Event date: Saturday, April 6, 2024
  2. Location: Colegio Granadino facilities
  3. General modalities: recreational, children, open and elite
  4. Competitive modalities: children, open and elite
  • Elite modality: If you have a time or record of less than 20 minutes in 5km, you must register in this category with reference to previous competitions organized by the institution or other entities.
  1. Cost: Registration for the race has a cost of $70,000 which includes (race kit, hydration, number), and can be paid with any of these three modalities:
  • Consign to current account # 70431122741 Bancolombia. (Asociación Colegio Granadino)
  • Pay at school in accounting.
  • Discount in school costs, for the month of March.
  1. Registration begins on Monday, January 29 and closes on March 10, 2024.
  2. Kit delivery: Wednesday, April 3 and Thursday, April 4 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  3. People interested in purchasing the I Run For You t-shirt can stop by the PA office starting January 29, from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, for a size test. 
  4. Public: the recreational modality will be open to the general public, the children’s, open and elite categories only consider parents of students, staff members and graduates.
  5. Without exception, all people who wish to participate in the race must pay the registration fee. The Honor Society will accompany students who require guidance during the tour.
  6. In order to complete the race route, it is mandatory to use the original race t-shirt, from previous years, much less replicas, are not allowed.
  7. Competitive race start time: 9:30am
  8. Recreational race start time: 10:30am
  9. The organization will provide hydration points during the tour.
  10. All runners must appear at the race starting point, 30 minutes before starting, for the purpose of registering, warming up and having the corresponding numbering.
  11. We ask everyone to use sunscreen, a hat, comfortable clothing and appropriate tennis shoes.
  12. For those people who will enter the school in their private vehicles, we recommend arriving before 9:30 am, because from that moment on the doors to enter the parking lot will be closed.

Registration for the I Run For You race, is necessary for each participant, regardless of the category or modality. You can  complete the following form (here) . If you are a minor, it is important that you do so with the accompaniment of an adult. By completing this form, the organization will keep in mind the payment method, permits, categories and the corresponding t-shirt size. The recreational category is aimed at the entire Granadino community in general, regardless of age. The objective is that interested athletes can do it at an individual pace. Under this modality, athletes may be accompanied by their family members or guardians. They will freely have the option of traveling 1 km, 2.5 km or 5 km, the most important thing is to enjoy the activity and the spaces of our institution. The Honor Societies will provide the accompaniment service to children under 12 years of age, only in the case that the parents are going to participate competitively, otherwise, it is recommended that the children be accompanied by their guardians, since they will be responsible for the children. On the course, members of the Honor Society will be willing to provide support to all athletes. The competitive category is composed of the following:

  • Children’s: children who feel they have the skills and desire to participate, it also includes the age range between 12 and 14 years of age.
  • Open: people 15 years and older.
  • Elite: athletes who have a time or mark of less than 20 minutes in 5 km, having as reference previous competitions organized by the institution or other entities.

On the course, members of the Honor Society, members of the PE department and Social Service teachers will be there to provide support to the athletes, as well as ensure compliance with the rules of the competition. Awards:  The first 2 athletes to reach the finish line in each category will be awarded. Prizes are provided by our sponsors, including goods or services based on consideration. The award ceremony will take place at the end of the race.


The purpose of these projects is to identify maintenance, cleaning or other personnel who work in our institution and who may have a needs that can be met by Granadino Solidario.

Through activities such as Caring and Sharing, Meet & Greet, repairs, we aim to achieve the objectives.

This intervention aims to enhance the quality of life for children attending public schools in the municipality of Villamaría. It focuses on improving the physical infrastructure and location of school facilities and fostering exchanges of experiences among students and teachers from different schools.

To achieve these goals, social responsibility outings are organized. These outings aim to create meaningful experiences for our students and those from other educational institutions facing similar challenges in their educational journey. These experiences are shared in various settings, fostering close and human connections where mutual experiences intertwine and shape perspectives.

Every school year, students from Colegio Granadino visit different educational institutions, engaging in sports, academic, and social activities. The primary objective is to interact with these communities and promote collaborative learning.

As part of this initiative, each grade level visits specific institutions 2-3 times per year. On one occasion, the visited institution reciprocates by coming to Colegio Granadino. During these gatherings, a festive activity called “HoHoHo Kids” is organized to celebrate Christmas for children from partnering institutions.

The institutions we currently work with are:

  • Saint Louise de Marillac Educational Institution
  • Rural School October 12
  • El Porvenir School (Desquite sector)
  • Nuestra Señora del Rosario School (Gallinazo headquarters)
  • Nuestra Señora del Rosario School (La Florida main headquarters)

This project seeks to develop greater environmental awareness in students, through the development of social and environmental activities with internal and external communities.


  • Through the sustainable campaign (reduce, reuse and recycle), design activities that promote recycling, as well as encourage the community to incorporate a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Reuse the paper used at school to make agendas that could be donated to the sister school.

Reduce the volume of plastic waste through the construction of bricks, which consist of bottles filled with plastic

The foundations we currently work with are:

  • Creating Stories
  • The Snack
  • Child’s friends

Granadino Solidario’s purpose is to support these foundations to meet their different objectives and in order to do so, making food donations (Caring and Sharing), collaborating in the repair of its facilities and carrying out activities with children, in the months of October and December (Children’s Day and Christmas).

Para ingresar a la Red de Negocios y al Directorio de Negocios debes escribir tu código de familia.

Si no has resgistrado tu cédula, debes escribir al correo prestrepo@granadino.local para que realice tu inscripción y puedas acceder a la red de negocios.