Nuestro Colegio

The Granadino School is a private, non-profit educational institution that is coeducational and day-based. It offers bilingual education (Spanish-English) from kindergarten to 12th grade to all Colombian, North American, and other nationality children, adolescents, and youth whose families desire and accept the characteristics of bilingual education (Spanish-English) that apply international quality standards for American schools.


Due to its nature, the Granadino School is non-denominational and does not accept discrimination. The Granadino School is an institution open to contemporary educational trends that focus on the student, seen as a human being rich in possibilities for growth and development, with potentialities and limitations, and that facilitate the satisfaction of the individual needs of students, according to their interests, age, maturity, and development, to achieve academic excellence based on both the educational standards in force in Colombia and the quality standards in force in the United States.


From these perspectives, the Granadino School is committed to dedicating its best efforts to offer comprehensive education that establishes a balance between the intellectual, psycho-affective, social, and physical aspects.


The curriculum and extracurricular programs are conceived as school strategies that allow for comprehensive education. Both the curriculum and extracurricular activities take into account advances in science and technology and recognize that we live in a world and society of change. The Granadino School, from an academic and formative point of view, is committed to preparing its students for successful entry and permanence in national and foreign universities.


All members of the Granadino School, without exception, commit to creating an educational environment every day that effectively enables the development of the individual and the Granadino community, based on bilingualism (Spanish-English) and the quality standards of American-type schools, moral values, and ethical principles that promote healthy and rewarding coexistence, critical-evaluative ability based on reasonable arguments, appreciation for one’s own and others’ cultural achievements, intellectual and aesthetic creativity, research based on scientific models, preventive care for health and the environment, independence of thought and action without infringing on the freedom of others.


Finally, the Granadino School is committed to forming democratic citizens with solid moral principles, capable of contributing to the advancement of the region and the country where they live, aware of the importance of mutual respect and tolerance as the foundation for cooperation and intercultural and international exchange.

Address: 71st Street # 1-998, La Florida District, Municipality of Villamaría,
Caldas Department
Phones: PBX (6) 8745774.
Fax: (6) 8746066 Website:
Nature: Private, non-profit.
Character: Coeducational, American-type – B calendar, preschool education plus 12 years of schooling, American curriculum, foreign staff.
Education: Formal, Bilingual Academic (Spanish-English)
Administration: General Assembly, Board of Directors, and the Principal
Levels: Preschool (Kindergarten 1 – Kindergarten 5), Primary (1st to 5th grade)
Middle School: (6th to 8th grade)
High School: (9th to 12th grade)