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The Granadino musical is a space created more than 10 years ago, where students have the opportunity to explore different artistic areas through the preparation and presentation of a theatrical show completely in English, with live music and choreography. The spectators of the Granadino Musical have seen great classics pass through the stages, among which are Grease, The Fantastiks, High School Musical, Beauty and the Beast, The Addams, Mamma Mía, The Little Mermaid, Rock of Ages, Hairspray, Wonderland, Frozen, The Princess and the Frog and our latest version made in 2023:


This Broadway musical showed us the importance of a historical figure in the United States in the year 1776, with a life story full of interesting values ​​and events. The most striking thing about the work is that it was done in rap, which made it extremely fun on a rhythmic, musical and stage level, where we could appreciate the great talent of our students!

Arts Day, which operates simultaneously with Sports Day, is created as an alternative and is intended to provide a different space for people who wish to work on artistic projects and programming during the day.

On November 2nd and 3rd, the Art Fest was held at the sister school Gimnasio Inglés de Armenia, where we were invited to participate in different categories: drawing, painting, photography, digital design, makeup, musical band, soloist, dance, literature stories , poetry and presentations. Our students presented themselves in different categories, representing our Granadino community with an impressive performance. Our participants were:

  • Mariana Mejía Muñoz, 6th grade
  • María Camila Arias, 6th grade
  • Emilia Díaz, 6th grade
  • Melisa Arboleda Arturo, 6th grade
  • Valentina Zuluaga, 6th grade
  • Gabriel Ramírez Mendoza, 6th grade
  • Isabella Trujillo López, 7th grade
  • Iara Gálvez, 8th grade
  • Gabriel Satrio Vergara, 9th grade
  • Alejandra Osorio, 9th grade
  • María Antonia Cárdenas, 11th grade
  • Isabella Valencia, 11th grade
  • Juanita Ocampo, 12th grade

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