Nuestro Colegio

University fair:

The University Fair is a fundamental tool for the process of choosing a university career for final year students, where students from the College and other schools in the city are offered the opportunity to experience direct contact with representatives of different universities in the city and the country, as well as with international institutions that offer educational opportunities abroad. During the more than 20 years in which the Fair has been held, the Granadino School has attracted more than 500 students from the region. In this way, students can learn about important aspects of the different higher education institutions, offering them the opportunity to actively participate in the university career selection process.


High school students who are interested in exploring universities in the United States regularly attend this event organized by Education USA during the second semester of the academic year.

Career Week

Throughout one week, activities focused on getting closer to university and professional life are carried out with the aim of expanding information and experiences that contribute to the career choice of eleventh and twelfth grade students.

University Tour

Every year, visits to different universities in Bogotá, Medellín, and Manizales are carried out, during which 12th grade students tour the facilities of the universities they aspire to attend and receive an orientation; they can attend classes and, in some cases, participate in interviews. Additionally, some universities request space to come to our school to speak with our students about their respective admission processes.

International Institutions Fair

In partnership with Grasshopper International, we hold an educational opportunities fair in countries such as Canada, England, Australia, and the United States. During this event, students have the opportunity to learn about the offerings of various institutions such as universities, colleges, camps, and institutes that provide exchange or higher education options. They also receive information about the lifestyle characteristics in each country and about the profile of international students.

Conversation with Professionals

An interactive space for eleventh and twelfth-grade students to engage with professionals from various fields. Students converse with professionals who share anecdotes and experiences from their professional and work life, while also addressing questions about different careers; their focus, job opportunities, challenges, and points of convergence with other fields. This forum provides valuable information for the life project of young people, who will choose their career and university in the short and medium term.

Granadino Alumni

A space for face-to-face or virtual interaction with Granadino alumni to address queries about the universities they attended or are attending (admissions process, university life, job opportunities, internationalization, university well-being).

"I Want to Be Like You"

Our students participate in job shadowing or internships with professionals in their area of interest to share their concerns, work methods, areas of action, points of convergence with other careers, and needs of the local, national, and international context.