Nuestro Colegio

Starting in 6th, the INNOVA One to One Program , under the BYOD (bring your own device) format, is designed to encourage the use of technology to improve the educational experience and opportunities for students del Granadino in the classroom. The program is based on the benefits of technology for student learning.

With this program, students are provided with a learning environment that includes the incorporation of technology in teaching and that supports meaningful learning, linked to reality, with an emphasis on creativity and communication.

The One to One program at its root is not about technology per se. Devices are tools to help us make fundamental changes to our educational paradigm.

Tech Badges is a program created from the ICT area so that students in the Third, Fourth and Fifth grades of Primary School develop different technological skills that allow them to be applied in academic fields and throughout their lives. The Tech Badges involve topics ranging from making digital documents and presentations to creating art or composing musical pieces with the help of technological tools, which are acquired as each student meets the challenges set out in each Badge.

Para ingresar a la Red de Negocios y al Directorio de Negocios debes escribir tu código de familia.

Si no has resgistrado tu cédula, debes escribir al correo prestrepo@granadino.local para que realice tu inscripción y puedas acceder a la red de negocios.