Nuestro Colegio

The Parent Council is a participation body for the parents of Colegio Granadino. Some of its main objectives and functions are:

Be a permanent support to the School.

Be a bridge of communication between Parents and the School, being a support for both.

Participate in the development of improvement plans and the achievement of the stated objectives.

Participate with voice and vote in the Steering Committee, the School Coexistence Committee, the Section Director’s Advisory Committee (PAC) and the Evaluation and Promotion Commissions (CEP).


Present the proposals for modification of the institutional educational project and Coexistence Manual that arise from the parents.


Any initiative that allows us to get closer to the school we want can be sent to us by email: or communicate directly with the member of the Parent Council of your grade or the president of the Parent Council.

It is made up of 17 members (1) parent for each of the grades (K1-12°)

Marcela Valencia Ángel: (Grade 12)

Mother of Manuela and Martina Robledo, 12 and 7. I am a lawyer, specialist in human talent management. My priority is to make my daughters the best human beings for society, I am passionate about helping others, the last 16 years of my life I have dedicated myself to working for and with people

Maritza Adolphs Garzón: (grade 11)

) I am a mother of 3 beautiful children Isabella (11), María Alejandra, a university student, and Felipe, a medical student. I am a Pediatric Dentist and Maxillary Orthopedist and I love my profession because through it I have been able to get to know this beautiful stage of childhood and adolescence in depth. Willing to support the school in whatever way I can.

Ana María Jaramillo Jaramillo: (grade 10)

Mother of Emilio and Luciano Bonivento, 15-year-old twins who are in 10th grade. I am a special educator by profession, I am passionate about the topic of education. I have been a representative mother for many years and this year I am part of the Parent Council for grade 10. I am willing to collaborate and help in any way possible.

Beatriz Eugenia Amaya Castañeda: (grade 9)

Mother of Eduardo 9, wife of Andrés. Pediatrician. Serve to Build!

Luis Carlos Corzo Gamboa:(grade 8) President

I love my wife Gladis Blandón and my children Tomás (8th grade) and Valeria (Senior 2020), who are the driving force of my life. Engineer and Master in Quality and Comprehensive Management, convinced that in the quality race there is no finish line. My interest is to contribute to the improvement of the School’s education processes.

Teresa Isabel Hoyos López: (grade 7)

Teresa Isabel Hoyos López, wife of Diego and mother of Jacobo (7th grade) and Matías (5th grade). She is a lawyer specializing in Information and Communications Technologies. Live to serve. Committed to the work that helps us as parents to actively participate in the education of our children.

Ángela María Luna: (grade 6)

Mom of Gabriela (2A) and Ana Sofía (6th). She is a specialist in Corporate Finance. My motto is to live fully every day and give the best of myself to my family and my community.

Adriana Alméciga Díaz: (grade 5)

Mom of Alejandra Gómez from 5th grade. Nurse by profession. My family: my reason for being. Serving and helping others: my great passion.

Marcelo Neira Estrada: (grade 4)

Dad of Maria Paz Kinder 5 and Matías 4th. Business Administrator, specialist in Logistics and Senior Management. I have held positions in the private sector with very high training standards, my desire in the Parent Council is to achieve as a team the continuous improvement of the academic level of the School.

Manuela Correa Aristizábal: (grade 3)

Mother of Matilde (3rd grade) and Emilia (K5), former student of the school and member of the Board of Directors as a representative of the alumni. I am a Business Administrator and from this role and because of the love I have for the school I like to be involved in different processes to contribute to the construction and strengthening of the education and well-being of our children to continue making a difference.

Mariana Araque Pinzón: (grade 2)

Industrial Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Marketing Communications, wife of Roberto De Mares and mother of Isabel from K3 and Gerónimo from 2nd. I am a former student of the Granadino school and I am willing to help both the parents and the school with whatever they need and work for this community!

Maria Andrea Lorza Palacios: (grado 1) Vice President

Mom of Elena 1st grade and Alejandro Noguera Lorza 5th grade. My academic training is in Electronic Engineering and a management specialist, with work experience in the public and private sectors. I am a neuro diverse mother, which has been a challenge for my personal, family and professional development. It is my desire to work hand in hand with the entire community to make the school the best place for our children.

Angélica Pinzón Galvis: (grade k5)

Mateo’s mother (K4C) Professional in International Business, representative mother for two consecutive years, I love to actively participate in issues related to the upbringing of my son. Willing to contribute and support the school in whatever it requires.

Erika Villamizar Prada: (grade k4)

Mom of Jerónimo (4) and Emilia (k4). I am Cartagena but Manizalena at heart. Economist now dedicated to the home and my children. Happy to be able to work for the well-being of our children.

Claudia Mahecha: (grade k3)

I am the mother of Gabriela Rincón (k3) and María Paz Rincón (k2). I am a Chemical Engineer by profession, but upon encountering the wonderful and demanding world of motherhood, I decided to change course and am now a GSC-certified child sleep consultant. Willing to help and contribute in everything I can.

Lina Jaramillo: (grade k2)

Ana Renjifo Jaramillo’s mother (K2). I am a school graduate. Business administrator. Certified in child sleep, positive discipline and emotion management. Passionate about education, strengthening family ties and healthy habits. Committed to building together the best school and community for our children.

Jorge Eduardo Jiménez: (grade k1)

Dad of Agustín (K1), I live one day at a time with the intention of being a conscious and present father and husband. My company provides Wellbeing and Future of Work services for companies in Latam.

Para ingresar a la Red de Negocios y al Directorio de Negocios debes escribir tu código de familia.

Si no has resgistrado tu cédula, debes escribir al correo prestrepo@granadino.local para que realice tu inscripción y puedas acceder a la red de negocios.