Nuestro Colegio
This Department aims to maintain the school's computer systems, equipment, and collaborate in the optimization of administrative procedures, with the support of necessary hardware and/or software.
  1. Establish and disseminate clear, concise, and structured data security policies for the school.
  2. Maintain and manage the school’s servers, networks, systems, and computer equipment, as well as educational management software.
  3. Support activities across various departments.
  4. Drive initiatives and projects.
  5. Provide assistance to students, parents, and employees on the various platforms utilized by the school.

We have

  • Campus WiFi
  • Internet Connection
  • LAN Network
  • State-of-the-art firewall to protect browsing content and cybersecurity.
  • 3 computer laboratories (MAC / Windows)
  • Smartboards in classrooms
  • Google Apps for teachers, administrators, and students
  • Jupiter Academic System that facilitates communication with parents
  • SAP BO Financial System
  • Online enrollment
  • Audiovisual equipment to support the learning process.


Our Department

Patricia Jaramillo Sanint

Technology Director

Juan José Gaviria

Data Coach

Lioved de Jesús Franco (1)

Lioved de Jesús Franco

Technology Assistant

Marcelo Villada Arias

Network Security Administrator

Juan Diego Quintero

Technology Assistant