Nuestro Colegio

The main objective of the Physical Education program is to provide our students with the fundamental tools so that they acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to enjoy a life full of healthy physical activity.

To achieve this goal, work plans have been implemented to provide each student with a space in which they can navigate safely, while also allowing them to develop their creativity and spontaneity. These plans guide them to strengthen important and relevant aspects for their comprehensive development.

It is essential that each of the members:

Experience and develop necessary skills that allow you to take part in a variety of physical activities.

Learn both the implications and benefits of engaging in different types of physical activities.

Regularly participate in various recreational activities.

Value and recognize the role that physical activity plays in the integral development of each person.

The Physical Education Department of Colegio Granadino is made up of twelve professionals in the area of Education, who have responsibilities both in the field of teaching and in the area of sports training.

Andres Felipe Castellanos

Edward Andres Cotrino

German Steven Granada


Oscar Julián Castaño

Iván Maya Cardona

Yohan Alexis Ramírez


Gustavo Adolfo Cetrez

Juan David Urrego Macías

Gustavo Trujillo

Nancy Garcés

Walter Gómez

Juliana Andrea Amariles

Miguel Angel Ospina Isaza

The curricular design of the area of ​​Physical Education and Recreation provides our students with the following services:

  • An annual plan structured by basic contents of motor development, based on the learning processes of useful and necessary skills for their daily application.
  • An annual training plan in specific sports (football, basketball, volleyball) and branches that complement the PE class curriculum
  • An annual training and participation plan for the teams that are part of the Sports Training School project.
  • A sports vacation plan for the last two weeks of July.
  • Sports days from Preschool to grade 12.
  • This sporting and recreational activity is carried out twice a year per section. The objective is to test the general and specific, individual and group motor abilities of the students, at the same time it seeks to encourage students to practice a sport, maintain the sense of camaraderie, respect individual differences and create a space for integration and recreation for students.
  • Interclass and Interhouse Games: Recreational, sports and training activities that aim for students to interact outdoors among section mates. Integration, training, healthy competition and respect for others are the highest priorities in the development of these activities.

The School also has an annual activity plan that includes sports participation at the regional and national level.

  • Binational Games for Middle School.
  • Binational Games for High School.
  • Sports Festivals of the Coffee Region.
  • Coffee Axis sports games for Middle School.
  • Coffee Axis sports games for High School.
  • National Exchanges for primary in the Pre-kindergarten category ACCAS schools.
  • Intercollegiate Games.