VYDA || (Valores y Desarrollo del Autoestima – Values and Self Esteem Development)

Program about training in values and development of self-esteem that promotes physical, emotional and spiritual development of children from Kinder 4 through 5 °, with the active participation of parents supported by teachers, so that it achieves comprehensive and significant growth.

The basic premise of this program is to build a positive SELF-ESTEEM and it´s based on research which shows that to achieve our ultimate need of self, of being HAPPY, we must have high self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the feeling that a person has about herself. It is the general perception of worth. Every human being needs to feel loved and capable; it is how self-esteem is a balance between being loved and capable.

Self-esteem influences, among other things, in:

  • The kind of friends we choose.
  • How to get along with others.
  • What kind of people we choose as companions.
  • Productivity, creativity, stability and ability to lead.