Principal’s Corner high school – December

Dear parents,


As we draw near the end of this semester, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Granadino community for their unconditional support these last few months. It has been an incredible journey, filled with countless memorable experiences and learning opportunities. I have had the chance to meet wonderful people and spend some quality time with your children, our most precious asset. Although I have only been at Granadino for six months, I have quickly grown to love and appreciate being part of this remarkable community.


During the first semester of the 2017 – 2018 school year, our secondary students had the chance to participate in numerous activities and events through which they have demonstrated their leadership capacity, their ability to think critically and creatively as well as their undeniable sense of belonging to the school.  I have been impressed with the students’ passion and willingness to “Make the Difference” as they seize their time in secondary and slowly, but steadily, transform it into an exemplary section within our school with the guidance and tireless support of their teachers. I have also been blown away by the overwhelming support our kids receive from their parents every step of the way. Undoubtedly, your presence and commitment to support their learning experience and your disposition to validate our processes and procedures serve as the foundation of a successful educational experience that transcends the academic field.


As we look at the end of the year, it is inevitable to create a balance between our successes and the growth opportunities ahead of us. This semester, we managed to relaunch the House system in the middle school, providing students with the opportunity to work as a team, to explore their interests, and to develop their leadership skills. In addition, the middle school teachers have systematically worked towards the implementation of the Responsive Classroom approach by, among other things, strengthening our advisory program intended to equip the younger ones with the knowledge and skills they need to face the multiple challenges that arise as they transition into their adolescent years. In high school, we continued to offer a rich variety of elective courses in multiple fields, giving our students the chance to explore their interests and exploit their talents. Moreover, our high school students led and masterfully participated in major events such as the Model United Nations and Binationals where they exhibited an array of qualities that contribute to and maintain the school’s good name amongst the educational community.  Next semester, we will continue to strive to offer students with rigorous, meaningful learning experiences in all their courses of study. We will also persist to work diligently towards refining our assessment and grading policies to eventually transition to a Standards Based Grading approach towards the beginning of the next school year. Finally, we will proceed to revise our schedule to ensure we offer our students top notch education that meets the requirements of the institutions and organizations that certify and regulate us.


Besides looking forward and establishing goals for the next term, the end of a semester also implies celebrating our students’ accomplishments. Hence, we held our traditional Christmas assembly on December 15th. We had the chance to recognize our students’ participation in multiple events and activities as well as acknowledge individual students for overall academic performance in each one of their subjects and for the outstanding qualities they personified throughout the semester. Congratulations to the recipients and their families!


Students are now in the process of choosing the elective course they will take on the second semester. In order to help them make an informed decision, we sent the course descriptions for all the elective courses to their email addresses before having our electives assembly on December 13th. During the assembly, each student had the chance to listen to each elective teacher present his/her course and ask clarifying questions to guide their decision. After the assembly, each student completed a survey with their preferences. We are now in the process of placing them in the electives of their choice and hope to have their schedules ready before they go on vacation this Wednesday, December 20th.  If you wish to see the electives course descriptions, please click here.


Lastly, I would like to present this week’s schedule which outlines the main activities our secondary students will complete prior to their break. Our high school students will present their finals on Tuesday and Wednesday, while the middle school kids will be involved in various end of semester activities carried out in each of their classes.  The schedule is available here.


Finally, let’s remember this is a time to be thankful for the blessings in our lives and to cherish the time spent with our loved ones. I can confidently say that being part of the Granadino community is undoubtedly a blessing for which I am very thankful. I wish you a restful, unforgettable holiday season. Enjoy these few weeks with your children and spend time making everlasting memories.  We will be ready to start another semester of learning with them on January 16th.


Once again, thank you for your unconditional support.

Happy Holidays!


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