P.E and Recreation

The PE Department has outlined clear parameters, based on the principle of the integral development of the individual, for the development of a healthy physical culture appropriate for the human resources at this institution.

With a constant focus on the fundamentally formative nature of this program, the curriculum- based on a range of movements from simple to more complex motor responses – is adjusted to the needs of the students.

It is the ongoing work of the PE, Recreation, and Sports Department to assure that its core principle “We first form people and second excellent athletes” is upheld.

Our program of PE, Recreation, and Sports is framed within the following parameters:

• A Life Project
• The Formation of Upstanding Women and Men
• An Option for a Healthy Lifestyle

The department P.E. features:
– 3 full-time teachers and coaches
– 8 sport coaches
– One athletic director
The curriculum area of Physical Education and Recreation allows us to provide our students with the following services:

• An annual basic structured content plan for motor development, based on the processes of initiation, predeportivos, minideportes specific sports and recreation, which ranges from Pre-primary to grade 12.

• An annual plan of training in specific sports (football, basketball, and volleyball) and branches complement the curriculum of PE classes

• An annual plan of training and equipment units that are part of the draft TRAINING SCHOOL SPORTS. This is a sports organization that brings together athletes from 1° to 12° who participate in individual or group that seeks to integrate disciplines and the Granadino athletes with other programs and other athletes of Manizales and the Department of Caldas

• A plan summer sports during the months of July and August.

• An annual plan of extracurricular activities organized by the PA and implemented by the PE and Recreation Office.

• Sporting dates for students from Preschool through Grade 12. This sport and recreational activity is conducted twice a year in Pre, Primary and Middle School and once a year in High School, for a whole day. These days are tested general and specific, individual and group student motor skills. This project aims to encourage students to practice a sport, maintain a sense of camaraderie and respect individual differences and create a space for integration and amenities for students.

• interclass and Interhouses Games: Recreational activities – sports and training for students seeking outdoor interact peer section. Integration, training, healthy competition and respect for others are the top priorities in the development of these activities.

Granadino also has an annual plan of activities including major holdings for college:

  • Middle School Binational Games
  • High School Binational Games
  • Sports Festivals for Schools in the coffee region: This is a non-competitive sports exchange in which English bilingual schools such as GI – Armenia, Liceo Inglés – Pereira, Liceo Frances – Pereira and Colegio Granadino – Manizales are involved. Games are played on 4 Saturdays, 2 per semester in a different school each time. Programming includes football, basketball and volleyball.
  • Sports games in the Coffee Region for Middle School
  • Sports Games in the Coffee Region for High School
  • National Exchanges for primary in the category of “Preinfantil” for SACS schools
  • Inter-School Games in: Football, volleyball and basketball.