Several activities and campaigns are held with the intent of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Every year, a growth and development campaign is run for children at school. The students also receive talks on healthy eating habits. Nutritional orientation is offered to students and employees as required or requested. Also, students with specific medical needs are given support and follow-up during lunch hours. Thus, the nutritionist seeks to assure that all eat properly according to their stage of growth and that they acquire good eating habits during the early stages of their lives.

Every day, the restaurant serves more than 900 lunches designed to meet specific nutritional requirements according to the given age groups being served.

The kitchen, the school restaurant, the staff, the equipment and infrastructure all meet the hygienic and organoleptic norms that the laws demand. All members of the kitchen staff receive ongoing training and, in 2009, they attended SENA courses: basic cooking, attention to the client, food preparation according to a standard recipe. This allows the cafeteria to provide high quality service.