Based on theories of the development of abilities for learning foreign languages and using modern educational principles, NES was designed to draw on the interests and talents of students and, at the same time, offer them a variety of opportunities to develop reading, writing and speaking skills.

Students receive classes daily with specialist NES teachers as well as participating in the bilingual program with their classmates. Through individual and group activities, the students acquire not just basic rules on how English functions but also the capacity to communicate complex ideas fluidly and confidently in order to participate in bilingual, multicultural contexts.

The expectation is that the students develop academic as well as social abilities in English in order to achieve the fluency level of a native speaker and be able to graduate with a clear advantage in world that is ever more globalized.

Although starting a bilingual process might be a challenge, it is in no way impossible. Believing in the ability of students to learn and adapt, in 2002 Colegio Granadino started the NES (new English Speakers) program which has effectively helped many students to become part of our bilingual community.

The fundamental purpose of the NES program has been the same since its inception: help new students attain the English levels of their classmates as quickly as possible. The objective is to guarantee, no matter their previous experiences with learning English, all students who enter in the school receive the necessary support to be successful in the achievement of the challenges in a really bilingual program.

The program as designed principally to support students from 2nd to 5th grade. We offer support in cases of students who were previously selected and just begin Secondary. Evidently, the later a student enters the program, the greater will be his or her challenge of adapting to a new language. For this reason, the English level of students entering higher grades is a bigger consideration that if they were entering earlier levels.

During the admission process, the administrative team, the counselors, teachers and specialists work together to guarantee that the decision taken about each student be the best one. The evaluations and reviews of the candidates carried out by the Granadino allow us to determine:
• Level of English
• Level of Spanish
• Academic ability and commitment
• Social and emotional strengths
• Motivation, confidence, and attitude

In order to receive information about our program and to speak about your child’s possibilities of becoming bilingual, we ask you to please communicate with our Admissions Office to set up an appointment and come to the school to see firsthand how the program works.

Teaching Staff

Colegio Granadino has the good fortune to be able to offer students the opportunity to learn not only with highly qualified bilingual Colombian teachers but also with native professionals from Canada and the United States.

By joining Latin and North American cultures, the NES program offers students a truly bicultural experience in which they learn not just English but also North American culture.

The learning environment is unique, and the quality of NES is guaranteed by the US accrediting body SACS-Advanced-Ed, the largest educational accrediting agency in the world that oversees more than 3,500 institutions in the United States and other parts of the world.

Given our affiliations and resources, leading to the remarkable success of our students and alumni, it is not surprising that we offer the most prestigious and well known bilingual program in the department of Caldas, respected as one of the best in Colombia.

Department of Student Services

An educational program that poses challenges to students who are in the process of learning English and adapting to a different and more progressive style of learning implies considerations beyond those of just learning a foreign language. In order to help with this transition, Colegio Granadino offers support from a team of professionals: counselors, learning support specialists, ESL specialists, and, of course, teachers. This interdisciplinary team works together to guarantee that all students are successful not just academically but also personally and socially.