Leadership Programs

There are several programs in Colegio Granadino that are focused on developing the abilities mentioned in the school’s mission in terms of forming leaders who are responsible, ethical and bilingual.

It has been proven that students who are involved in school activities have a better attitude towards teachers and rules, demonstrate better academic performance, and feel better about themselves. Keeping in mind these considerations, Colegio Granadino has implemented a House system to empower the students in Middle School (6th, 7th, and 8th grades) and promote school spirit.

The Middle School section is divided into Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green Houses. Each one has approximately 35 students from all three grades and 3 teachers in charge.

During the year, the Houses participate in different social, cultural, academic, sports and recreational activities and obtain house points. Houses also receive additional points if the students in the given house do not have detentions, late to class or uniform infractions. Likewise, they earn points for maintaining the hallways clean and for Accelerated Reader” points.

At the end of the year, the House with the highest number of points receives recognition and a special prize.

STUCO – Student Council
Student Council is made up of two representatives, elected by their peers, for each classroom, and a President and Vice-President who are elected by all students from 2nd to 12th grades.

The electoral process is held with the utmost transparency and seriousness. Candidates must create proposals which must follow strict campaign rules and are analyzed by the Administration. In this way, the experience becomes a very valuable exercise in politics. This is later reflected in the commitment the elected students demonstrate.

The school is a pioneer in electronic voting, and students act as electoral guarantors.

Once formed, Student Council must present a plan of government to the school administration for its environmental, resource management, cultural, sports and social service committees. Due to the shared work with the Administration, last year Student Council managed projects such as the following:

  • Buying recycling trash cans and training the community on their use
  • A reforestation campaign in which a 150 trees were planted on the campus
  • Sports Days
  • Economic support for the players in the Binational Games
  • Shoebox Campaign
  • Punctual help for needy people in the community la Vereda la Florida
  • Purchase of a television for Secondary
  • Within the same electoral framework as Student Council, the student Spokesperson is elected. The Spokesperson has a fundamental role in the communication between the student body and the administration.

The student elected as Spokesperson transmits concerns and suggestions from the students to the administration and supports the integral education programs at the school. At the same time, this is a student who will receive training in conflict resolution in order to help solve, in a timely fashion, situations that arise between students and other members of this educational community.

NHS and NJHS (Junior and National Honor Society)
The National Honor Society was founded about 90 years ago, it is considered one of the most prestigious and recognized programs for high school students in the world.

Both societies seek to recognize students who have demonstrated high academic profile, have exercised a role of leadership and service in their community and have been true to their beliefs, projecting a strong character.

The purpose of this organization is to create enthusiasm among students for academics, stimulate their desire to help others, promote positive leadership, build character and encourage a sense of good citizenship among students in Middle School and High School.

NJHS students must complete individually 40 hours of community service. Additionally, they develop campaigns to raise money to carry out group activities such as celebrating Halloween the Sister School students, donating school kits to Sister School students, celebrate Children’s Day with Sister School students, donate money to Nutrir campaign, and be a support group for Shoe Box campaign.

Academic Fieldtrips
Academic fieldtrips to different places in the region and in the country have been identified as magnificent opportunities for students to develop abilities in leadership, team work, and conflict resolution.

Besides the academic and scientific components of these trips, there is also an experiential education facet that makes these trips unique opportunities for students to strengthen themselves in personal and group leadership.

These are some of the outputs academic degree programs (may vary):

  • 6°:
  • 7°:
  • 8°:
  • 9°:
  • 10°:
  • 11°:
  • 12°:


Esta actividad académica se desarrolla en el programa curricular de Estudios Colombianos de grado noveno, buscando fomentar en los estudiantes el espíritu emprendedor. El producto final del curso es el reconocimiento de personajes emprendedores tanto locales, nacionales como internacionales, por medio de la elaboración de álbumes creativos de los mismos.

Manizales´ Cathedra

Es un espacio que se tiene en la sección, abierto a cualquier tipo de conferencia que enriquezca el quehacer educativo y/o formativo del estudiante. Esta no es fija y depende de la iniciativa de los profesores o del ofrecimiento de algún experto o institución que la ofrezca. Debe ser programada con anticipación.

Business Model
Eleventh grade students from Colegio Granadino, in Colombian Studies class, must develop a business. They must investigate and develop in the project: financial analysis, legal analysis, payroll, mission and vision of the company, fiscal contributions, among others. For the presentation of the projects, students must develop a mock-up of the proposed business.

Big Band

La Big Band nace cuatro años atrás cuando el Colegio Granadino aprobó el proyecto Banda Vs Big Band. Tiene como objetivo brindar al Colegio una agrupación musical donde los estudiantes puedan aprender el arte de tocar un instrumento aplicado a un ensamble de Big band.
El proyecto contempla que esta actividad se convierta en una materia para los estudiantes que pertenecen a ésta agrupación, para que así, se puedan especializar en su instrumento, armonía, composición, producción musical, piano y guitarra funcional.
Estos son los niveles de la Big Band:

  • Pre Big Band: Es integrado por todos los niños que inician su proceso musical, allí reciben capacitación en los conceptos y desarrollo de sus habilidades musicales que son necesarias y previas a tocar un instrumento musical.
  • Big Band Infantil: Está integrada por todos los niños que inician su proceso musical con instrumentos y tiene como objetivo iniciar y preparar al estudiante con la técnica y los conocimientos propios del ejercicio musical en su instrumento.
  • Big Band titular: Está integrada por todos los niños que ya hicieron los procesos previos de iniciación musical y tienen un nivel medio-avanzado en su instrumento, los niños recibirán clase de su instrumento por un especialista del mismo.
  • Combo de Jazz: Integrado por los estudiantes de mayor capacidad y nivel musical de la Big Band titular y varios de nuestros músicos más talentosos de Middle & High School. Este grupo tiene como objetivo brindarle un espacio de profundización en diferentes géneros musicales.

ExpoGranadino Art
Artistic education favors the integral formation of students’ personalities through sensitization, communication, socialization, creativity, appreciation, aestheticism and rhythm which are the axes for the development of physical and emotional capacities. These activities contribute to the reinforcement of a true integral education, as they offer the students alternatives to manifest their abilities and allow them to achieve more in different aspects of their lives.

ExpoGranadino exhibits works which are the products of artistic practice from students from Jardin up to Twelfth grade. This event also seeks to stimulate artistic production in the students, foment the values of the visual arts, and to place the Granadino artistic output in a wider context, and, finally, to share Granadino cultural activity in the city.

It is a space created over 10 years ago in the school where students have the opportunity to explore different artistic areas through the preparation and presentation of a theatrical spectacle entirely in English, with live music and choreography.

By participating in the musical, it is possible to foster respect, responsibility and ethics when interacting with participants of all courses that fulfill a certain role within the play. Students enrich their communication skills and the development of creative thinking when they create their own conventions and are able to keep them in a given time and space, are sentient beings that dominate emotions and explore human expression.

Participating in the musical prepares our students integrally for the leadership the world needs, pointing directly to the fulfillment of the mission that really makes the difference.