Institutional Philosophy

Colegio Granadino is a non-profit, private educational institution that is:

• Bilingual (English and Spanish),
• bicultural,
• Respectful of freedom of worship,
• Co-ed,
• with one daily schedule,
• operating on a Colombian B calendar,
• based on national and international standards,
• approved by the Colombian Ministry of Education and
• accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) since November 2001.

The school’s purpose is to educate boys, girls, and youth from Colombia and other nations through preschool, primary, middle and high school in an integrated and harmonious way, based on academic and humanistic quality standards, with a vision of a globalized world and the conscience to form citizens who are leaders, useful to society, with solid values and principles, prepared for university, allowing them to participate constructively in society.

Colegio Granadino is an institution that is open to contemporary educational theories that focus on students as rich in possibilities for growth and development, with potentialities and limitations. Granadino seeks to meet the particular needs of the students according to their potential, interests, abilities, age, maturity and development in order to achieve academic excellence in an integrated and harmonious way based on current educational standards in Colombia as well as current quality standards in the United States.

Curriculum and extracurricular activities are conceived of as strategies that permit this integrated and harmonious education in the context of pedagogy, science, and technology, with the recognition that we live in an ever changing society.

Without exception, all members of Colegio Granadino community commit themselves on a daily basis to creating an educational environment that effectively allows for the development of the individual and of the school itself. The characteristics and values that form the framework of our educational approach are:

• Bilingualism (Spanish-English)
• The quality standards of a United States type school coupled with the
strengths of Colombian education
• Moral values and ethics that favor a healthy and satisfying lifestyle
• A critical and evaluative capacity based on arguments of reason
• The appreciation for one’s own and others’ cultural achievements
• Intellectual and aesthetic creativity
• Sustained investigation into scientific models
• Preventative care of one’s health and environment
• Independence of thought and action
• And social responsibility and action.

Finally, Colegio Granadino is committed to forming citizens who are democratic leaders with solid moral and ethical values, capable of contributing to progress in the region and the country in which they live, aware of the importance of mutual respect and tolerance as the foundation for cooperation and international and intercultural exchange.