Global Overview of Admission Process

The process begins with the visit of a prospect family to the institution. This visit is scheduled through the Admissions Office by invitation, referred by families or by direct contact from the family.

The Admissions Office Coordinator will attend these visits and give to the applicant family the necessary information about the philosophy, mission, vision, beliefs, organization, structure, programs and policies of Asociación Colegio Granadino.

Once the family confirms their interest in beginning the admission process, the Admissions Office Coordinator will hand them the application package for the admission process.

The section´s Counselor is responsible for scheduling the interview with the family and student assessment or observation.

The first consideration for admission is the availability of space in order to ensure the quality of bilingual education and individual attention to each student. For each grade, 25 students in each group are assigned according to AdvancED requirements – all but K1 which only has 16 students per group.
After making the whole evaluation process, the Admissions Office will inform the family about the outcome of the admissions process.
The applicant must meet all admissions process steps and deliver all requested documents completed. The admission process will not start until the school has received all required documents.
The answer on applicant´s acceptance will be given in a period of 30 days from the time the school receives complete required documentation.
The School is not obliged to accept the applicant by the fact of receiving the application for admission or performing the subsequent assessment process.
If you wish to arrange an interview please contact the Admissions Office – Tel: 8745774 ext.112.