Destination Imagination, or DI, is an organization for youth and adults that works at an international level and promotes creative solutions to problems. The educational goals of Di include the promotion of creative and critical thinking, the development of group work, the improvement of collaboration and leadership skills, the betterment of research abilities through creative exploration and attention to detail.

Destination Imagination is a stimulating extracurricular activity in which students work in teams to solve challenges and present solutions in tournaments that are held annually. The teams are evaluated on thinking capacity, team work, and the design of original solutions that meet the requirements of the challenges posed to them.

Participants in DI acquire more than just knowledge and basic abilities; they learn to let their imaginations fly and to solve problems using an original focus.

The program is open to students from preprimary to university. Teams of up to seven members compete in a variety of challenges that require complex thought, problem solving, team work, and creativity.

Every year, Colegio Granadino trains and sends teams to the national DI competition that is held at a different school each year. Our school has also sent several teams to the international tournament in the United States and where teams have held some of the highest positions internationally.