Destination Imagination 2017

Destination Imagination is a stimulating extracurricular activity in which students work in teams to solve challenges and present solutions in tournaments that are held annually. The teams are evaluated on thinking capacity, team work, and the design of original solutions that meet the requirements of the challenges posed to them.

Last weekend in Cartagena, at Jorge Washington School (COJOWA), this year´s competitieon was held, where students from our school (3rd, 4th and 5th graders) represented our entire community in three different categories:

    The Technical Challenge prompts students to complete tasks by using engineering, research, strategic planning and related skills.
    Present a show that includes an opening act and a headlining act.
    Design andbuild a stage on which the acts will take place and that will move a team member from one location to another.
    Enhance each act with a technical effect to amaze the audience.
    Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interest, skills, areas of strength, and talents.


    Our Scientific Challenge blends the research and curiosity of science with the thrill and creativity of the theater arts.
    Create and present a story about a secret mission.
    Research and apply methods from cryptography and steganography to reveal secret messages.
    Design and createa gadget that appears to be an everyday item.
    Create and integrate a disguised character into the story.
    Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.


  • We were represented by two teams in the category of «Show and Tech», achieving 1st and 2nd place.
    Our third team represented us the category «Top Secret», where they were excellent ambassadors.We are very proud of their wonderful participation.The participating teams were:I Think But I Don’t Know – Top Secret
    Andrew Howard
    Susana Ramos
    Susana Gómez
    Juanita SernaJuan Alejandro Duran
    Tomas Restrepo
    María Paula Gaviria
    Rodrigo Tinageros
  • Big Brain Theory – Show and Tech (2nd place)
    Kateryn Wendt
    Isabela Botero
    Rafael Restrepo
    Isabella Henao
    Sergio Andrés Arias
    Daniel Gómez
    Lorenza Gómez
  • The King Sloths – Show and Tech (1st place. can represent Colombia in the World Cup of Tennessee)
    Mike Mollenhauer
    Antonia Gutiérrez
    Carlos Andrés Calderón
    Gabriela Montoya
    Simón Botero
    Juan José Betancourt
    Isabela Marín
    Mateo Mejía

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