Colegio Granadino’s curriculum is based on international standards and benchmarks, which are aligned with those required by the Colombian Ministry of Education. Standards and benchmarks, as well as the school’s missionvision, and philosophy, are in place to guarantee an alignment within our curriculum and the highest quality education for every student.

Standards briefly describe what students should know and the skills they are expected to acquire in a particular area. Standards are the same for all ages and grade levels, becoming grade specific through the benchmarks for each one. They are identified at every level of the learning process from curriculum, to lesson planning, to evaluation and reporting.

Benchmarks clearly and specifically describe the knowledge and skills that students are expected to acquire at a certain point in their school life. While standards remain the same for each learning area, benchmarks vary by grade level as students develop progressively more complex knowledge and skills.

Colegio Granadino’s curriculum was developed through consultation with world wide educational labs such as MCrel and BVille and with the on-site guidance of international expert Dr. Jane E. Pollock who was hired by Granadino for this specific purpose. Since its initial development, a curriculum mapping and review process and the creation of supporting exemplars for each area have ensured that it remains a relevant and living document, and resources are ordered annually at the recommendation of the teachers themselves.

Granadino’s Curriculum Coordinator monitors and supports the implementation and revision of the curriculum, working closely with teachers and the administration at every level of the process, to ensure that what we say are our goals for student learning are, in reality, what they are learning.