The counseling department of Colegio Granadino promotes the integral development of the students, with emphasis on the emotional, family related, academic and social aspects.

The school has four counselor, divided into different sections (K1 -1 , 2-6; 7-10; 1 and 12 ), who direct programs according to the age and needs of each population.

These are some of the functions that the Counseling Department conducts:

Support admissions process and adaptation of new students.
Counselors organize the test application process, interviews with families and meeting with the evaluation committee. Once a student is admitted, they perform the corresponding monitoring and support for the adjustment process.

Advice to students, parents and teachers.

  • Counselors offer permanent support and strategies for parents, teachers and students for the proper management of their emotional, social, family and academic situations.
  • When the counselors and the interdisciplinary team deemed necessary, referrals are made to outside professionals and conducts the appropriate accompaniment.
  • Counselors lead training programs for parents and teachers according to the needs of each section, through workshops, conferences, courses and written information, among others.

Leading Character Education program in his section.

The counselors lead and execute the character education program, which is a subject in the curriculum in which topics such as values, decision making, conflict resolution, sexual education, promotion of healthy lifestyles are addressed, among others.

Educational and experiential outputs.

Counselors accompany some of the educational and sports outings undertaken by the students, in order to strengthen life skills such as decision making, teamwork, leadership, among others.

Student Council.

From the Counseling Department the student council program is coordinated, which promotes leadership skills and social service among our students, who develop various projects and activities during the school year, such as: Christmas party with sister schools, celebrating halloween, sports days, Granadino´s spirit day, mercadito for sister schools, christmas breakfast, among others.

Leadership Program.

In eighth grade a program is set in place, which has as its main objective the development of skills of a group of students who attend training workshops throughout the year to replicate their experience with their groups/grades.

Social Service.

The counseling department coordinates with students the performance of their mandatory social service project, through community outreach in different institutions of the city.

University Placement Counselor.

The University Placement Office serves in the orientation of all Colegio Granadino High School students in their plans to continue their education in a University in Colombia or abroad.

The University Placement Counselor, guides students through the university application process. This process includes helping students match their interests, values and abilities with a major or a program of study, researching universities, visiting universities, attending university fairs, preparing for and writing standardized tests, applying for scholarships, speaking with Granadino alumni, attending pre-college or summer programs and much more.