ISO Certification

Colegio Granadino is certified by ICONTEC under the norm ISO 9001:2000. The scope of the certification includes the designing and providing of integral bilingual education (Spanish – English) at the Preprimary, Primary and Secondary levels.

The Quality Management system is one strategy among many that allows us to guarantee that the school is providing the best possible integral and bilingual education. The system lets us assure the quality of the work we do and always maintain continuous improvement as a priority.

We are proud to have been the first school in the country to certify its bilingual educational program. Having certified our program, we are able to guarantee to our community a quality bilingual education that is in the vanguard among other programs and schools in the region.

SACS-CASI Accreditation


In 2001, the school obtained international accreditation in education from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS – COGNIA) whose mission is the improvement of education through accreditation.

What is COGNIA?

It is an organization that accredits schools, in the United Stated and South America, which meet the guidelines and standards established for American education.

In order to be accredited, schools must commit to a regular and systematic program of self evaluation based on a plan of improvement and continuous development.

Also, it organizes among accredited schools to facilitate mutual help and cooperation processes as well as to promote benchmarking activities among schools such as the evaluation of a given school and its programs.

What are the benefits of the Colegio Granadino being accredited by COGNIA?

  • Having the honor of being part of an institution that sets high goals and expectations in terms of educational standards for its member schools.
  • Allowing the school to bestow an American high school diploma on students who have completed an American curricular program.
  • Guaranteeing that the school has a qualified staff since SACS demands that teachers and administrators fulfill professional qualifications and complete certain professional development activities.
  • Receiving support and guidance from evaluation teams.
  • Having opportunities to participate in conferences and workshops offered exclusively to internationally accredited schools.
  • Being a member of international educational organizations.
  • Having access to forums in order to communicate and make contact with other SACS schools.
  • Being able to participate in student exchange programs with schools in the United States.

Schools in Colombia Accredited by COGNIA

  • Colegio Nueva Granada (Bogotá)
  • Columbus  School (Medellín)
  • Colegio Bolívar (Cali)
  • Colegio Panamericano (Bucaramanga)
  • Colegio  Karl C. Parrish (Barranquilla)
  • Colegio Altamira (Barranquilla)
  • Colegio Albania  (El Cerrejón-Guajira)
  • Colegio Jorge Washington (Cartagena)
  • Liceo Inglés  (Pereira)
  • Gimnasio Ingles (Armenia)
  • Bureche School (Santa Marta)
  • Montessori British School (Bogotá)