SHOE BOX Campaign

This campaign offers children of our sister schools a Christmas party with recreation, snacks, lunch and gifts. It is an event organized by the SECONDARY STUDENT COUNCIL (STUCO) of Colegio Granadino. This event aims to raise awareness and generate social commitment in our community towards less fortunate populations.
In this event students from 6 ° to 12 ° share the day with students from our sister schools: Escuela Nazario Restrepo de la Vereda Gallinazo y la Escuela Nuestra Señora del Rosario de la Vereda La Florida; este año extendemos la  campaña para trabajar además con la Escuela 12 de Octubre (Villamaría),  Montaño (Gallinazo) y ASPR (Nevado del Ruiz), with about 400 children. During the day not only do they have the opportunity to share stories and experiences, but also breakfast, snacks and lunch, framed in a series of activities ranging from recreation and leisure, followed by a small pre-christmas celebration were every kid from our sister schools receive a gift. The organization of this event begins with the beginning of the school year, our students are responsible of the fundraising and sponsorships for this event (refreshments, transportation, recreation, etc.); throughout the year various activities are held in order to raise funds and donations. This activity has been taking place for over 15 years.

Making the Difference