Dear Granadino families,

A warm welcome to our students and families as we enter the 2018-19 school year. I hope that the summer break has provided you with an opportunity to relax and enjoy time together with your families. Preparations for the new school year are nearly complete and we are eager to officially welcome back all students for what will be a fantastic school year. As I have said before, I feel both honored and fortunate to be the General Director of the school because this is a community committed to excellence in student learning. The success of each student is our primary goal, which can be achieved through positive collaboration and communication. I look forward to working with each and every student and parent, and I encourage you to come by to say hello whenever you are on campus.

Our outstanding staff, are leading the way to prepare our students for the future. We are excited for the new programs and initiatives beginning this school year. Many of these you know about already, and others, such as the new grading platform, you will learn about as we train parents on how to access Jupiter Ed. As of now, the Rediker platform will be deactivated for K-12, and as soon as teachers have their new gradebooks completely updated, parents will have access.

While we have always been an excellent school, I feel we are making incredible progress in tapping the incredible potential that our school has to be THE EXAMPLE in our country. We are also very excited for the physical changes at our school and the improvements that have already begun on our campus. We have an incredibly busy year ahead of us. With the help of our talented faculty and staff, we will continue to deliver quality instruction and instructive feedback. Using research on best practices, we will continue to refine our craft as educators and help students meet their own unique potential. In addition, we will cultivate the civic responsibility of which all students are capable. We must use our passion for education as a way to enlighten the young minds we have the pleasure of teaching every single day.

Our work is not easy. But Colegio Granadino is a community of professionals. We all – teachers, administrators, school counselors, support staff and the many others working with us – are collaborating in pursuit of our shared mission. We all have important roles to play in helping children reach their full potential, and we are proud to join forces in support of our students. Of course, families and other community members also play a critical role in this endeavor, as partners in supporting both your students at home and our work in the schools. We hope that you will join us in the education of your children, and adhere to the pledge you signed as a part of our strategic plan.

Our strategic plan guides our work and holds us accountable to the promise of educational excellence. This year, in support of the strategic plan and our commitment to continuous improvement, we will continue to invest in the following:
• Teaching and Learning
• School community and culture
• High quality teachers and staff
• Improving the channels of communication
• Facilities improvement
• Parental support and commitment

We are very excited for the visit we have from the AdvancED Engagement Review Team from September 30 to October 4. We have worked hard to provide them with the evidence to show that we have developed a strong Strategic Plan that addresses specific areas for improvement. We understand that a school’s job of improving is never-ending, and the journey of continuous improvement is something we practice on a daily basis.

The best part of my job is my visit to the different sections and the classrooms. I see the optimistic energy in our classrooms as students and teachers work and learn side by side. When I walk in the hallways and I hear students that are engaged and enjoying their experiences in the classrooms, this is when I know true learning is happening.

We have a busy and exciting year before us! Thank you for the privilege of serving your family, your children and our community. Should you have any comments, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Brian Michael Kelly
General Director
Asociación Colegio Granadino
Tel: 57-6-8745774 Ext 102
Manizales – Caldas – Colombia
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