Joanne Smith Barrett Media and Information Center

General Information and Services
Colegio Granadino counts on a library that is divided into two sections: Elementary and Secondary. Each section has reference books, different fiction and non-fiction collections, videos and magazines. We also have a Media Center with 26 computers and a smart board to enhance our teaching and get more involved in the technology world.


The Joanne Smith Barraet Library is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Friday.

Our Library/Media Center offers the following services:

  • Books and Magazines Check Out
  • Printings
  • Computers Access
  • Video Beam
  • Smart Board
  • Scanner
  • Copies
  • Elementary Reading/Study Room Access
  • Secondary Reading/Study Room Access
  • Digital Camera and video camera for Teachers
  • T.V /VCR/ DVD
  • Ebsco Data Bases
  • Audiovisual Material
  • Wi-Fi
  • Research Guide

Our collection
We count with a collection of around 12,000 titles. We have approximately 3,000 titles in Spanish and 9,000 titles in English. All these titles are divided into the following sections: Elementary, Secondary, Teachers Resources and Parents Today. Elementary and secondary sections are divided into Non-Fiction and Fiction. The Non-fiction collection is divided by subjects like generalities, Philosophy, Religion, Social Sciences, Languages, Applied Science, Science, Psychology, Arts and Sports, Literature, and History and Geography. The fiction collection in elementary is organized in the following way:

  • Easy Fiction: 1st – 2nd Gr. (A-I reading levels)
  • Medium Fiction: 2nd – 3rd Gr. (J-M reading levels)
  • Advanced Fiction: 3rd – 4th Gr. (N-Q reading levels)
  • Junior Fiction: 4th – 5th Gr. (R-V reading levels)

All of our fiction books in elementary are leveled according to Fountas and Pinnell A-Z reading levels. The fiction books in secondary are placed by author and also leveled according to Fountas and Pinnell A-Z reading levels. The levels in secondary go from W to Z.

Our circulation statistics show that the students who check out the most books are in Elementary. On average, an elementary student reads 113 books per year while a secondary student reads 20 books per year.

New collection

The kids form Jardin come to visit the library every two weeks. They have a short story time where they learn about how to behave in the library and how to take care of our books. With these visits to the library we want to build reading habits in the little ones and share a great and fun time with them. We also support the Reggio Emilia projects by choosing stories related to the project each class is working on.

Our elementary students visit the library on a weekly basis to have a 45 minute class. We choose our themes based on the school curriculum. We read stories, learn about authors, learn about reading strategies and techniques and work on different activities. Each student is encouraged to check out books to read at home during the week.

Elementary Activities
o Lectura dulce: This activity is carried out with the 1st graders. It is an opportunity to teach them about different authors and writing styles. They get to know different collections so that when they go to 2nd grade they really know about different books and they can enjoy reading. The Spanish teacher and the Head Librarian are in charge of the activities. After each class we share a candy with the kids. This addition makes reading sweet for the little ones.

o Reading in Pajamas: The main objective of this activity is to promote reading in a different and meaningful way. One of the most appropriate times for reading a story to a kid is before going to bed, that is why this activity is usually at night. Our idea is to model this reading habit. Parents are invited to join us in this activity. This activity was designed for 1st graders.

o Raz-kids: It is an online reading program for students from K5 to 3rd grade. The kids are trained on how to use the program so that they can use all the features that the program provides. Each student counts on an account where they keep a record of their read books, the questions answered and the points gained to spend playing safe games.

o Book Donation Campaign: This activity was suggested by a group of parents who wanted to increase the library titles by donating books they have at home. With this activity we are also promoting different values, like sharing and generosity.

o Field Trips: The library has planned two field trips during the year with different classes. The purpose of these field trips is to visit other libraries from the city for the students to get used to a library atmosphere and to realize that the library rules are standardized.

o Granadino Bookworm award: At the end of the school year, based on the reading records and also taking into account teachers’ opinions, the library head chooses one student from elementary to receive this award. It is given to an excellent reader, and to a responsible and respectful student who can be an example for the rest of the students. This diploma is posted in the Library Hall of Fame.

Secondary Activities:
o Check Out: Secondary Students come during recess to look for books of their interest to read at home.

o Class and curriculum support: the library is able to support the school curriculum providing material to the teachers and their class so that they can come and research any topic in the library. We can also carry out EBSCO training activities with the students and teachers. The planning of these activities depends on the teachers’ needs.

o Research: Secondary teachers have access to a computer room with 26 computers for the students to work on their research papers. They also count on a smartboard that they may use to carry out their lessons.

Secondary students also participate in the Book Donation Campaign and in the Book Fair.